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Search Engine Optimized Press Release Services

Writing Press Releases

At The TAC Group we create and submit online press releases designed to capitalize on the reach of the news search engines. We write press releases with two purposes in mind: to immediately increase your brand exposure and to increase your web site’s search engine rankings.

The growth of online news search engines, such as Yahoo! News, Google News, and AOL News, has had a dramatic impact on the public relations and search engine optimization industries. The news search engines have become sources for content for thousands of web sites. In today’s market a well ranked press release can be picked up within 24 hours by 1000s of news outlet sites across the country.

Beyond the immediate impact of getting your story in front of thousands of readers, search optimized press releases can also serve as a catalyst to additional press coverage. Journalists frequently turn to news search engines first when looking for topics for new stories. The writers at The TAC Group write press releases designed to plant the seed for additional press coverage and even greater brand exposure.

Link Building Through Press Releases

In addition to increasing brand awareness a search optimized press release can be an effective tool for increasing links helping to boost search rankings for your company’s web site. We write press releases containing links within the content. These links use your top keywords in the anchor text in order to provide the maximum boost in link value for your site. Each outlet that picks up the release will end up linking back to your company’s site through the optimized anchor text providing valuable links to help boost your site’s search engine rankings.

Additionally most articles that are written based on the press release will include links back to your company’s site. Although the anchor text of the link is at the discretion of the journalist the link itself will most likely be viewed by the search engines as an authority link. Long term those stories and associated links can provide a tremendous boost to your site’s link popularity. The combination of optimized anchor text from the original press release and links from authority web sites can greatly impact your site’s rankings.

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